Cover image requirements

The cover image of your release must meet the following conditions. Please note that stores are very strict about this and your release will certainly be rejected if it does not meet these conditions.

It is best to have your cover image professionally designed.


– The release and artist name may be visible on the image.
– No additional text may be visible outside the release and artist name. This also applies to logos, badges, stickers and track names.
– No protected brands, locations or other material.
– Only self-made or copyright-free photos.


– Minimum 1400×1400 pixels, best even 3000×3000 if possible.
Please note that if you have an image of a smaller size, it is in principle not possible to ‘enlarge’ it to a sufficient size, because pixels will then become clearly visible.
– Sharp, clear, no pixels or other ‘artifacts’ visible.

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