How long will my music stay online?

In principle, you pay for uploading and one year’s distribution. However, after that year it will not cost you money again to keep your release online, but it will remain in principle (and so you will continue to be paid). SongKit exists since 2004 so some of our releases have been online for almost 6 years.

Unfortunately we can’t look into the future and therefore can’t predict if SongKit or our distribution partners will still exist in years to come. Therefore we guarantee a placement of at least one year, otherwise you will get your money back. The only exception is of course if a store stops, your music will of course no longer be available there.

If your release is taken out of the stores at any time, you will be notified in time so you can upload it somewhere else.

If you want to take the release out of the stores yourself, that is always possible. Please allow for a processing time of ~4 weeks.

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